ToyMakerz Season 3: TV Show: History Channel

Just finished up all the post audio for ToyMakerz season 3 on the history channel. 8 episodes / 10 promos / 45 network ID’s.

Dialogue edit, Sound Design, SFX Vehicle Recording, Re-Recording Mixer,

This season I was also involved in the production based in NC.

I was hired to record the unique vehicles in the show along side the talented production mixers Westly Moore and Jeremy Childers.

Over 200 hours / 250 gigs of audio was captured of multi mic’d recordings of the unique vehicles.

From that I created a SFX library with 50 gigs / 2000 files of useable audio to work with while sound designing each episode.

Some very loud cars!! The willy coup was hitting 140 dB+ while revving in the shop.


Equipment used to capture the vehicles.


-SD Mix Pre 6 2X – Vehicle onboard recordings.

-SD 633 – Exterior pass by and maneuvering.

-Sony PCM M10 – Stereo vehicle interior for extra vehicles.


-DPA 4062 2X – Hardwired – Onboard exhaust / engine recordings

-DPA 4061 – Hardwired – Onboard interior recordings

-Shure SM57 – Exhaust of extremely loud vehicles

-Sennheiser MKH 60 – exterior pass by

-Sennheisr MKH 50 – Exterior pass by

-Sennheiser MKH 416 – exterior pass by

-DPA 4017 b – Exterior pass by

-Line CM3 in ORTF – Exterior pass by / Ambiance and capturing stereo distant recordings of the events and various races. Love these mics!



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